Customer Support
Carrier Problems

If you cannot receive or make any calls, there are some questions to answer first.

  • Do your phones have internal dial tone? Meaning, can you pick up the receiver and hear dial tone?
  • Can you call another phone in your office (can you call another extension)?

If you answered no to either question, please call us at 302-792-9200 as this may be a problem with your phone system and not the phone lines.

If your system appears to be up (if you answered yes to either question), there is most likely a problem with your phone lines. Proceed below.


If Advanced Networking, Inc ordered your phone/internet service and this is during normal business hours, call the office at 302-792-9200.

For Emergency Contacts, make sure you know who your carrier is. If you are unsure, check your phone bill, which will have the carrier name on it.

Please call or go to the following websites for tech support after normal buisness hours.

Cavlier Telephone, a Paetec Company
24-Hour Tech Support

Line Systems
24-Hour Tech Support
1-888-808-6111 Option 1


24-Hour Tech Support

Vintalk, Powered by Vinculum Communications
24-Hour Tech Support

24-Hour Tech Support

Though we are not authorized agents of Verzion, this information is here for your convenience.
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