Put Your Phone System in the Cloud

Whether you need a full-featured hosted phone system or just hosted dial-tone services, Advanced Networking, Inc. has what you need. We have well over seventy hosted customers already using our services and the list keeps growing every week. We even offer a choice of the actual backend phone system to use that best suits your needs.




Hosted PBX Services

  • Replace your current phones with new SIP-Based Phones (We offer multiple models and brands).
  • Phones work through the Internet
  • Keep your current phone numbers.
  • Unlimited Local and Domestic Long Distance Calling including Mexico and Canada
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Multiple Call Forwarding Options
  • Multiple Options for Endpoints with Full-Duplex Speakerphoness
  • We can provide out-of-area numbers and 800 numbers for your business.
  • Conference Bridges
  • Call Reports
  • Web Portal to control your features and porgramming.
  • Unlimited Support and Remote Programming


Hosted Dial Tone Services

  • Keep your current phone system and phones.
  • We provide the dial tone lines to your current phone system much like Verizon or Comcast does now.
  • Unlimited Local and Domestic long distance calling including Mexico and Canada.
  • We even can provide you with PRI services.
  • We can provide out-of-area numbers and 800 numbers for your business.
  • Call Forwarding options.
  • Automatic failover if you lose internet or power at your location.
  • If you have an ESI system now, please click here to go to this special page about what we can offer you.


Our Hosted Service just got better with our direct-fiber connection to the internet and our Generac generator. Now, we are protected against power outages and local Comcast/Fios internet outages. We have the auxillary power and internet connection that will keep your phone system operational at all times, even if you lose power or internet at your office!