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Slash Your Monthly Phone Bill in Half with SIP Trunks

Advance your company's phone system to today's technology
with a new IPitomy Pure IP Phone System.

Reasons To Upgrade to a new IPitomy System

  • Pure IP-Based telephone system - Runs on your Computer Network. No seperate voice and data cables.
  • All-in-One Unit - No Seperate Voicemail system.
  • Cut your telephone bill by using SIP trunks - can offer up to 50% savings.
  • Extension is stored in the phone - no more service calls to pay for to move a phone to a different location.
  • Access your voicemail from the web or email.
  • Make and receive calls on your smartphone through the office phone system. Click here for more details.

IPitomy designs and manufactures a complete line of IP Telephony equipment for businesses. Their IP PBX’s are designed with an advanced feature set providing all of the features that your business expects in a business communication system. Setting them apart from our competitors, IPitomy is a Pure IP PBX System that provides enhanced features that go far beyond the typical features of the traditional key systems and PBX's of the past.

IPitomy is a pure IP PBX. IPitomy runs on your LAN and is integrated with your data network. This eliminates the additional infrastructure cost of maintaining a separate wiring system for telecommunications.

IPitomy combines a complete IP based PBX System, voice messaging system, music on hold system, queuing system, and remote extensions - all operated from one easy to use administration console and capable of integrating with branch offices. The user interface is simple and intuitive. You will benefit from the ability to add new users, to forward extensions off site, and to perform many other tasks that in the past may have generated a costly service call.

Click here to read more about the IPitomy system lineup.