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As your organization grows, both voice and data communications become more challenging –– and more critical to continued success. The Vertical Comdial FX II Business Communications System enables voice communications to be transported and easily managed over data networks. A suite of messaging and call control applications enable unified voicemail and e-mail messaging, flexible call routing and reporting for single-site and multi-site organizations. The FX II is a hard-working business system that raises the power of communications to the next level and grows gracefully with your organization.

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The FX II system dramatically streamlines your communications by enabling you to make and receive calls over a managed network. The FX II supports both new Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony and traditional digital communications within a unified infrastructure. VoIP telephony can eliminate toll calls, slash administrative costs and provide powerful new administrative capabilities. With the FX II you can focus on growing your bottom line, not your communications network!

With more than 12,000 systems deployed, the FX II has established its value across a broad spectrum of business nvironments that depend heavily on both voice and data communications. Examples include law firms, real estate offices, marketing and advertising companies, auto dealerships, service businesses and many more. The FX II is reliable, scalable and versatile and delivers superior business value by combining efficient VoIP telephony, unified messaging, and a suite of time-saving call management applications for single-site and multi-site enterprises.


The FX II can be deployed by a certified dealer as a single-site system or as a multi-site unified solution for up to 14 branch offices that can be implemented and managed from headquarters. Its modular design scales quickly and easily from 8 users in a single office up to a
multi-site enterprise with up to 4,800 users, 3,600 lines and 10,000 mailboxes. It all adds up to truly scalable, enhanced communications — and lightning-fast ROI.



The FX II platform includes basic built-in calling functions such as call forwarding and caller ID for remote and home office workers for single-site and multi-site installations. A suite of integrated messaging options provides a wide range of functions from voicemail to elite advanced voice e-mail and call recording for single-site and multi-site deployments. The FX II platform also includes built-in unified call distribution (UCD) for basic call center requirements. Capabilities include linear and round robin station hunting and queuing ringing calls into groups. An optional UCD report generation application called UCD Reports is also available.


The FX II Business Communications System supports your growing business with a converged voice and data communications solution that is flexible, expandable, cost-effective and easy to use. The FX II is a critical business
asset that will drive revenue and enhance the quality of customer service while slashing your operating costs. It is a robust, field proven solution that provides a ready platform for tomorrow’s technology advancements. For example, when the time is right, customers purchasing a FX II system today can migrate economically tomorrow to the even more powerful MP5000 Media Platform solution through a simple, single-blade upgrade to their existing system. Vertical has established a track record of providing the world’s leading business organizations with powerful communications solutions that improve efficiency and provide managers
with new information and metrics to increase productivity and profitability. We’re eager to show you how the FX II can enhance the productivity of your employees and the service experience you provide to your customers.

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