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You will find our own Cheat Sheets in PDF format which you may view or download for your own reference. We also posted the Manufacturer's Users Guides for your convenience as well. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open or view these documents.


During these uncertain times, rest assured, you can work from home easily by taking your hosted IP phone home with you. All you need is a broadband internet connection, and you will be able to connect your desk phone at your home. You will notice no difference in the operation either. You'll be able ot receive incoming calls and your business telephone number will show up on the outgoing caller ID, just as if you were working from your office. If you need your main number to ring on different extensions, we can program that for you.

We have created a new cheat sheet, telling you all the things that you need to know to be able to do this.

Using Your Hosted IP Phone At Home


If you have hosted dial tone from us with an ESI system, we may be able to offer you a temporary solution, such as a hosted IP phone to take home or we can route your calls to a mobile SIP clinet.

Contact Us for more information about either of these options!


Advanced Networking
Cheat Sheets

User Phone and Voicemail Instructions
Administrator Instructions
Setting The Time on Your ESI System
Changing System Modes/Greetings Remotely
Recording Your Holiday Greeting
Virtual Answer Instructions
Guest Mailbox Instructions
Adding System Speed Dials
Message Notification Instructions
Analog Station Instructions
Mobile Messaging (Voiceamil to Email)

ESI Factory User Guides
ESI Feature Phone User's Guide

ESI Communication Servers Administrator's Manual
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View the ESI User Guide Tutorial Presentation
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IPitomy System Cheat Sheets

Grandstream Phones

GXP2160 User Instructions

GXP2170 User Insructions

GXP2135 User Instructions

IPitomy Web Programming Instructions


Recording Menu Greetings

Web User Porgramming Instructions
(IPitomy Smart Personal Console)

Site Admin Instructions

Virtual Mailbox Instructions

Call Reporting Instructions (NEW)

Conference Bridge Instructions (NEW)

Find-Me/Follow Me Instructions (NEW)

Take Your IP Phone Home Cheat SHeet




Yeastar S-Series Cheat Sheets

Grandstream Phones

GXP2170 User Instructions

GXP2135 User Instructions



Yeastar P-Series Cheat Sheets

Grandstream Phones

GXP2170 User Instructions

GXP2135 User Instructions



Yealink Cheat Sheets

T29 User Instructions

T27 User Instructions

Hosted Fax Service

Sending a Fax Cheat Sheet

Acrobits Groundwire Softphone App

Groundwire Setup Instructions

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